Autumn 2018 - Floral Masterclass


Last October, i had the pleasure to welcome six ladies for the very first Floral Masterclass at Au Jardin de Florésie. Participants came for all corner of France and the US.

We also had the chance the sweetest and most talented photographer Mariel Hannah who joined us from California to immortalize the work of our attendees.

au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 3.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 2.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 4.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 5.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 6.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 8.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 9.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 10.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 11.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 12.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 13.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 14.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_masterclass_2018 - 15.jpg

The team

Photography: Mariel Hannah

Styling and teaching: Laetitia from Florésie

Gown: Sophie Jeandot

Model: Pauline from Brightpause

Ceramics: Notary Ceramics

Calligraphy: Nice Plume