Autumn 2017 - Creative Retreat


Honestly, I couldn’t have been more lucky than teaming with my dear friend and photographer Chikae O.H. from the Hikarui Lifestyle for the organization of my very first creative retreat. A joyful bunch of ladies joined us from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Corea and California for a four days escape in the Champagne countryside and it’s been beyond lovely.

We spent time together, creating florals in my cutting garden, learning how to photograph them, talking about social medias and photo edits, and about french food and champagne too (while tasting them of course!)

There is so much to show you about this retreat that i will rather create a second post to show you the outcomes of the installation we created on the last day inspired by The Secret Garden… Stay tuned!

au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 2.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 3.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 4.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 7.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 6.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 8.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 10.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 9.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 12.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 11.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 14.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 15.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 16.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_retreat_2017 - 17.jpg

The Team

Co-teacher, Photography: Chikae O.H., The Hikarui Lifestyle

Co-teacher, Florals: Laetitia Mayor, Florésie

Ceramics: Notary Ceramics

Venue: Le Clos de la Robe