Spring 2017 - The Secret Garden


When Chikae and I got together to dream about our creative retreat, Chikae very fast came with the them of The Secret Garden. As a gardener and lover of old stones, of course, it immediately talked to me… We therefore imagined a photoshoot using the novel by Frances Hodgson as decor.

We worked together as a group with the participants of the retreat to create that floral installation on the ground floor of an epic medieval tower. Here is the result in images…

au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 1.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 2.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 3.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 4.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 6.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 7.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 8.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 9.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 10.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 11.jpg
au_jardin_de_floresie_the_secret_garden_2017 - 12.jpg

The Team

Co-teacher, Photography: Chikae O.H., The Hikarui Lifestyle

Co-teacher, Florals: Laetitia Mayor, Florésie

Models: Cindy, Joan and Augustin

Hair and Make-Up: Anamé Make-Up

Location: Le Donjon de Septmonts